Friday, October 21, 2011

$6 Moneymaker on Zicam, 10-23-10/25!!!!

Next week Zicam will be on sale at Rite Aid.  The offer works out to be a money maker for savvy shoppers such as ourselves.  Here's a  breakdown:

Zicam: $7.99, +Up $7.00 & SCR $3.00 (through 10/25)
use: $2/1 Zicam product, Rite Aid Flu Book
and use: $2 off ANY Zicam product, Facebook (exp. 10/31)
or use: $2 offf ANY Zicam product, Printable
Pay: $3.99
Receive: $7.00 +Up
Submit: $3.00 SCR (valid through 10/25)
Final Price: $6.01 MM through 10/25 with coupons and after +Up and SCR, $3.01 MM after 10/25 with coupons and after +Up


  1. I found out the flu book has $100.00 worth of coupons but costs $27.00 to get (for the flu shot) if you already had or flu shot, (especially at another business) then you cannot get this 'flu book of coupons'....:(

  2. nope that's not righ, you do not need to get a flu shot to get the book, it says no purchase necessary on it, I just went to the pharmacy and asked or one :)

  3. Wow! Lucky you. My stores are saying you have to get the flu shot to get it and the website says "And this year, we've made it easier than ever. Walk into any Rite Aid, anytime – no appointment needed for flu shots. We're even giving away free coupon books worth $100 in savings with every flu shot."
    Can you send me a pic of that verbiage?