Monday, October 3, 2011

$2 off PreprationH

PreperationH is one of the 6 items that is advertised as FREE at Rite Aid next week.  With that being said, an item that is advertised as FREE without a coupon can be a serious MONEYMAKER four savvy shoppers like us. Check out this $2.00 coupon for PreperationH. Yes, I already know...the coupon is much like the Advil coupon in that it allows you to print as many as you want in one or two tries.  Remember, the LIMIT is one, so you take it easy on the prints! As for the PreperationH, I can't even say I need the product, but I know I can use a $1.00 overage to use toward something else.  As with anything else that is not needed, donate it or give it to someone who can use it.

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