Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Recent Walmart Experience

Yesterday, I had the lovely privilege of enduring a rather nasty CSM at Walmart.  I was in the process of purchasing 67 of a single item and I had 67 coupons that made them free with a $0.03 overage on each.  After so many scans, the register locked and the CSM was called.  She came over with a very blank look and just stood quietly.  She reviewed the coupons and then looked at me and walked away. I said nothing.  The CSM came back and asked, “How many are you buying?” I said, “67.” She said, “How many coupons do you have?” I said “67.” She then asked, “How much are they?” I said, “$0.97.”  Well, that did it for her. She was M-A-D! If she could have gotten away with chocking me, she would have.  Her neck started to jerk like she had a tick and her eyes rolled up to her little brain. She sucked her teeth, slammed keys, and did everything she could to demonstrate her displeasure with me.  I, however, remained in a zombie like trance and did nothing.  Now, had this been two months ago, I would have engaged in the dramatics with her. I would have asked her if there was something wrong with her neck and recommended that she keep her eyes straight so they don’t get stuck in her head.  I would have told her that she was a poor excuse for a CSM and she needed to adjust her attitude.  However, this time I employed a different method and remained in a muted state. What did I care if she and the people behind me were mad? So what! I was bringing home 67 items for free.  She could have jumped up and down like a kangaroo and stomped her feet like a two year old and it would not have mattered to me.   Let her do the not so happy dance.  Who cares! I have to say I am very proud of myself for not getting wrapped up in the dramatics.  It took me a while, but I finally got it.  I won and she’s mad that I never gave her the satisfaction of giving her a reason to kick me out the store.  If you ask me, she’s small minded.  A smart person would have asked me to show them how to save all that money.  Oh well….she’ll pay more for one pack of that item than I will ever pay for 67. I think next time I'll ask her to smile for my camera. Lol!

Total OOP: $2.10
15 KC BBQ Sauce - $0.99 ea. (Target)
36 Crystal Light  - 2/$1.00 (CVS)
2 Motrin PM - $4.00 ea. (CVS)
1 Zyrtec - $5.99 (CVS)
67 Cascade - $0.97 (Walmart)


  1. WTG! I wish I had that much restraint! What was your final total, if I may ask?

  2. THANKS!!!! I just posted a pick with a breakdown. My final total at Walmart was $1.89, which was equal toless than half the tax. The overage helped bring the tax down.