Monday, June 27, 2011

Types of Coupons

There are several types of coupons you can use at Rite Aid.  There are the usual standard manufacturer coupons and then there are Rite Aid coupons, which I consider be GOLDEN! Let's break down the magic.

Manufacturer Coupons: Coupons provided by manufactures to motivate consumers to buy a specific product. They are mostly found in newspapers, but are also provided in magazines, product packaging, in stores aisles and freezer doors, with product samples, and even in store ads (read the fine print).   They can be stacked (used with) Rite Aid Video Value coupons and/or Rite Aid in ad coupons. The UPC of most manufacturer coupons will begin with the "5", which generally means it can be doubled, unless otherwise stated.  Note: Coupon doubling is always according to the stores policy, not the manufacturer. Rite Aid DOES NOT DOUBLE COUPONS.

Internet Coupons: Coupons provided on the internet by manufactures to motivate consumers to buy a specific product.  These coupons are printable and can be found on various coupon printing websites like, Red Plum, or Smartsource.  They are also available on social networking websites, like Facebook, and on the manufacturer’s web page or even on a stores web page.  You never know where these coupons will pop up.  Most stores, including Rite Aid, will not accept internet coupons that exceed $5.00. These coupons can also be stacked with Rite Aid specific coupons, as they are considered manufacturer coupons, unless otherwise stated (i.e. Target internet coupons)

Video Values (Powered by Adperk): Coupons found on the Rite Aid website that are provided after watching a short product commercial. These should not be confused with Adperk coupons, which are manufacturer coupons, found at They can be stacked (used with) manufacturer coupons AND with coupons found in the Rite Aid weekly ad. Video Value barcodes begins with the number "49'.

Weekly Ad Coupons:  Coupons found within the Rite Ad weekly ad.  Weekly ad coupons start with the number "49' and can be stacked (used with) a Video Value coupon AND a manufacturer coupon.

Survey Coupons: Printable coupons provided by Rite Aid after the completion of a store survey using a unique code found on the bottom of some receipts. Theses coupons are for $3/$15, start with the number "48", and can be used with a Video Value coupon, weekly ad coupon, and manufacturer coupon.  Side bar….this might be my favorite one of them all because it’s the key to driving out of pocket cost down. This coupon has been discontinued effective August 2011.

+Up Rewards Coupons: Coupons located on the bottom of a receipt that are generated when a consumer has met all of the stated requirements (i.e. buy 3 lotions for $7, receive a $2.00 +Up Reward). They can be used for toward the purchase off most general merchandise in the store. Exclusions include prescriptions, tobacco, alcohol, lottery, etc. (read the fine print).  You may use more than one +Up toward the purchase of a single transactions.  The value of the +Up cannot exceed the amount before tax.

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